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Voddie Baucham Why I Choose to Believe the Bible Part 5


Very interesting, to say the least! I enjoyed how he talks about people who claim to believe in science rather than God. In reality those people are being simply ignorant. Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr. talks about how the Bible never asks for blind faith. People often ask for the Bible to be proven on these boards! but even history can NOT be proven with the scientific method. He is a pastor of the Grace Family Baptist Church, so you all know = ]



byukid you reference a movie for what purpose? I just thought the points in the video I provide had merit. Jack Black was a comedian last time I checked. He is probably the last person I would expect to be educated about religion, especially not in a funny movie. lol But thanks, I have not seen the movie in a few years :- P


It just reminded me of that line, "I only believe in science." from Nacho Libre. I have nothing against the video, nor for it, really, because I didn't watch it- your summary just made me think of that line.


Is this a joke?


Love Dr. Voddie. another champion of the true reformed gospel of the doctrines of grace =]


Was this YOUR attempt at being funny? Because, well it worked ; ) lol


Its all good!


Amen Trib ; )


The statement that "people who believe in science and not God are ignorant" is laughably ridiculous to me.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with belief in God. But to argue that it takes an analogous amount of faith to believe that A)Jesus walked on water and B)George Washington was our first president is so fucking stupid that I thought maybe you were joking.


you know that you can make the same case for the koran.


Or any religious text.


Way to understand a Dr. and at the same time follow the words I wrote thumb up


Just a quick question, please define for me 'god' and then explain, based on this definition, why YOU believe it is ignorant to deny the existence of god.


In my mind you can NOT define God because that would limit and quantify the abilities of Him, someone who is larger than our whole universe.


What does "blind faith" mean? Isn't faith by definition the lack of knowledge? If you have no knowledge, you are shooting in the dark. You are definitionally blind.

And if you can't define god, your definition is no more valid than the definition of a Muslim, a Hindu, or an ancient Greek.


Thanks for the post. That Pastor is fabulous. And he's basically saying what I've repeatedly said on these threads. Science is science and faith is faith. And our faith is really not blind it's based upon a rich history of strong evidence. As the Pastor puts it: "Eye witness accounts, 66 books almost 2000 years and over 23,000 archeological digs to back it all up."

But you waste your time posting this on T Nation. The non-believers will not suddenly become believers because of this video. You are simply casting your pearls before swine. They will continue to be blinded by their over blown ego's and ultimately their own ignorance. And a good verse for them is from Philippians.

Philippians 3:19 Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is on earthly things.


O gooood, an other religins verses sienz debate


As a person who believes in the bible, I have to say that's a weak argument because all it proves is that Biblical locations are accurate. That proves nothing about faith- do we have archaeological records of the charred remains of Sodom? Do we have video of the red sea parting? No.

So while these things may prove the bible as precise, it does not follow everything in it is true. E.g. If I wrote historical fiction and in 2000 years people noticed that what i wrote was exactly correct geographically, that wouldn't make what I had written true.

Also, I do recognize there is some corroborative extra-biblical evidence from letters or tablets that record the same events, but I don't know that it's an overwhelming amount. Also, absence of evidence (i.e. for the miracles) is not evidence of absence.


Well you've already defined as a singular being and male by referring to it as 'him'. What do you mean by larger? and again...why is it ignorant to not believe in a singular male god?