Vocals and Drums

Since there are members from all around the world hopefully someone can help me out. I am looking for music specifically voice accompanied by drum (maybe some rattles) and was wondering if anyone knew if this for lack of a better word “existed” in English. I have found it in many cultures/languages but, none in English. Maybe someone has examples from other other countries like Ireland.

*I am looking for English language but, any other cultures,languages, or individual artists would be great to.

Some examples:

I don’t know about any of those you just posted, but Don Henley sang like half the Eagles’ catalogue from behind his drumkit.

love Eivor

and now for something a little heavier. they call themselves a cappella but do have a drummer.

T-Nation favourite :)…

Check out Ronán Ó Snodaigh he plays the Bodhran drum. He is from Ireland.

[quote]RampantBadger wrote:
T-Nation favourite :)…

In memory of Iron Dwarf.

Saw these guys performing in the street, no vocals but lots of drum.