Vocab for Beginners

Well im not really a beginner with regards to strength and endurance training, but I really dont know what alot of common terms mean.

I know AAS are called gear sometimes, so when someone says that does it always mean they use steroids? Or when someone says a weight the lifted (geared) does that mean with the use of a belt?

Also, whats the significance of using a shirt/not when lifting. Half the vids i see of guys going super heavy on the bench, they are wearing a shirt, but its more like a thing that makes their arms stick out in front of em.

It depends in what context you are seeing the word “gear” used. If you’re talking about an “equipped” meet, or a geared powerlifting competition, its most likely referring to a bench shirt/squat suit. The purpose of them is to help lift more weight, simply put.

When someone talks about using “gear” to get big they are most likely talking about steroids.