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VO2 Max Test


With so many possible tests i was wondering what everyone uses for VO2 Max Testing?


Well basically you want to use a test that activates as many muscles in the body as you can so that you can get an accurate assessment of the maximal transfer of oxygen etc etc. I personally don't like using bikes because they are biased to cyclists & only really activate your legs. A running VO2 (treadmill) using full ECG readouts is by far the best for my money. However, if anyone finds a way to perform one while swimming that won't interfere with the swimmers actions or electricute them I would like to know about it.


This is a powerlifting and strength sports forum. I don't think there will be too many people on this forum who apply this test in their training. Try slowtwitch.com, it's a triathlon/endurance sport based site.


You're right; there are a ton of possible variations. Your best bet is the one that is most sports-specific.


Actually this was posted on the training/nutrition forum....how it ended up here is a mystery.

My main point was that there are ways to test VO2 Max that involve a lot of equipment and others that use basic formulas, just curious as to which ones people use.