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VO2 MAX and Resting Heart Rate Relationship?


Hi Thibs!

There have been several studies over the past years showing that short duration, high intensity training (Like TABATA, and resistance traning in general) gives many of the same health benefits as traditional long duration cardio training, spesifically increases in VO2 MAX.

What i was wondering is if you know what the exact relationship between VO2 MAX and resting heart rate is? Will increases in VO2 MAX also give decreases in resting heart rate?

Since lower resting heart rate is a result of a stronger heart muscle (pumping more blood in each pump), I would think, that if anything, higher intensity is better at decreasing resting heart rate then lower intensity (traditional) cardio training - but I have failed to find any studies on the subject, so was just wondering if you know of any studies, or generally accepted conclusions?