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What does VMO stand for (I know its somewhere in the Quad)? What type of exercises specifically target the VMO? Thanks.

vastus medialis oblique - it is the head of your quad that is closest to the middle of your body

Its the “tear drop”. Leg extentions usualy isolate them well.

To expand on what Instrument said: leg extensions with the foot rotated outward.

Leg Extensions SUCK. Seriously :slight_smile:

leg extensions don’t suck. they are excellent finishers after full squats and front squats. The burn of the leg extension is much different for me then on the squats. Plus how do you expect someone to get full motion on the quads when he sometimes limits his motion on the squat. Not that i do, i do full squats for every rep, but my glutes come into play also. If i resorted to half squats then what excercise would i do to get full quad motion? leg extensions. laters pk