VMO Size and Strength Imbalance

Hoping some people on here can help me out with this.

My right VMO is weaker and smaller than my left VMO (about a 3/4 inch or so). Anyways, I’ve tried incorporating single leg movements and such but I run into problems. For instance, when I do bulgarian split squats if I do 10 reps per leg my LEFT VMO gets an almost pump like feeling of blood while my right will feel worked but no where near the same amount. My left glute is tighter than my right so I’m thinking this could be related to some glute activation problems but I’m not sure. Another problem is, yesterday I was doing some 45lb plate pushes (similar to the prowler except I don’t have one) and after that once again my LEFT VMO feels more worked than my right.

I’m starting to think about having a phase where when I do single leg movements I only do my right leg to try and help this imbalance.

Anyways, any tips, references to other advice, experience that anyone can give me would greatly be appreciated. Thanks guys.

STretch everything, do some unilateral work and/or some deep squats. I don’t think I have ever seen an oly lifter with a small vastus medialis.