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VMO/Shoulder Prehab Program


I have recently come through two injuries: Some type of patello-femoral issue in the left knee and have had rotator cuff issues in the past which are still buggy). I am now going to do a cycle to build overall balance in my shoulder and knee joints.

I have started the 8 weeks to massive shoulders protocol, as well as this program to build up my VMO:

Lunges (for ROM) 2x15
Front Squat 3x8
Bulgarian Squat 3x8

If it seems like a small workout, it is. I am coming out of rehab where the most strenuous thing I did was DB squats with 30lbs. If this seems inadequate, or if you have any other suggestions let me know.

Also, what kind of program should I follow for upperbody? I was thinking something like EDT would be good, but am open to input.

Thank You,



I can’t help you, but you might want to try posting in Eric Cressey or Mike Robertson’s locker and asking them. They are pretty much the rehab experts here.

Hey Fireplug,

Try adding terminal knee extensions to the end of your workout. I can almost guarantee that your vastus medialus is weak (as it is for most people with patellofemoral syndrome) and this exercise will help correct the tracking of your patella by “unloading” the initial stress on the patella. This results in reduced pressure behind the patella and improved tracking!

Let me know if you don’t know how to perform this exercise… I’ll give you some more info (I just have to run right now!)


This is easy.

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