VMO Pain After Illness that Won't Go Away

This may be a multi part issue but will cut to the chase and start with the problem. I’m 55 yo male, 175lbs and workout 4x/week. At the end of March '17 got the stomach flu and was in bed for about 36 hrs. beginning on a Sunday night. Gradually got my food and fluids back to normal and began a “light” workout by Friday of that week. I do a push/pull and legs/shoulder routine. Leg day was a no go, started ultra light on squats just to get flexibility back in form. That’s when the trouble began. Both VMO’s in my quad would have nothing to do with squats without pain. I can/could do presses, curls, extensions and deadlifts without pain. Squats, lunges, pushing back in my chair, stairs all create pain in both VMO’s.

I’ve applied the logic that the pain is probably a symptom from another issue elsewhere in my leg. So I’ve been pounding the glutes, hip flexors and body weight squats with a mini band around my quads (which helps alot). However it’s been 9 weeks since the problem originated and it won’t get any better.

This week I went to a sports med/chiro doc well know in the area. He was baffled and has never seen this before. So we have been doing; ARP Wave treatments, some myofacial release, laser and some ultrasound. It’s been great stimulating my entire quads (really sore after 4 days) and the DOMS is subsiding, but the VMO’s are still just as unhappy. There is overall pain in them, but the pressure points are 9/10 sore.

OK…now here’s another curve ball that may or may not be an issue, but needs to be entertained. I started TRT therapy the mid March, same month, but did not get superhuman and change my lifting sets, weight or regiment…A first inclination is to think muscles overpowering the tendons and ligaments and created a severe case of tendinitis…prior to the illness I had no pain anywhere…after the illness, just the VMO’s. I inject in the VL muscle (I’m lean so it’s easy to hit the meat of VL) and alternated legs each week. For the past 4 weeks I have switched to the glutes, just in case this is related.

So does anyone have and ideas, suggestions, questions ect… I’m at a loss what to do next…
Thanks for the look and welcome any input!

Certainly strange. Doubt it’s TRT related.

Time will most likely heal. Perhaps try very light high rep leg extensions or BW squats to get blood flushing through and promote healing.

Perhaps a course of Vit I to attack the episode of inflammation.

It’ll subside over time.

Try this and check out other videos on ths guys youtube channel -loads of outside the box solutions…

Thanks for the reply, just going to lay low and wait it out with the exception of BW squats/box squats. Focusing on good mechanics/form for when I get back under the bar…

Course of Vit I?

Thanks for the ref to this guys video channel…good stuff…had to watch several of them!!


Some time has passed and tried everyone’s suggestions…no results…

Digging into this further I’ve run across several threads elsewhere and research reports that link joint pain with the use of AI’s.

Anyone with any experience regarding AI’s and joint pain that won’t subside?