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Vlastimil Kuzel - Czech Bodybuilder & Very Strong Bench Presser

I think it is’t bad at all if I publish here a very talented and very strong Czech bodybuilder who has extraordinary talent on the bench press. Weighs about 110 kg. His goal is 300 kg on the bench press (raw). He always looks at pressure to the side, which is strange, but it helps him. Interestingly, Vlastimil surpasses many powerlifters on the bench press without being the powerlifter himself.

1 x 262.5 kg

2x 250 kg (paused bench press)

14 x 184 kg

I don’t see where he’s ever competed in bodybuilding, but he’s done many powerlifting contests. So, he’s a powerlifter, not a bodybuilder.

In any case… cool story, bro?


He was a bodybuilder for a long time. I think he competed. Then he started to train as a powerlifter. But he specializes only on the bench press.

It’s a huge exaggeration to call that second video 250 x2 paused. He slightly paused on the first rep and not at all on the second, and the spotter helped him out a lot on that second rep. I’m not trying to diminish the guy’s strength, but that description is flat out wrong.

I noticed two things that where interesting.

Very shaky arms, noticed this in a couple of guys who are strong and some who aren’t I wonder why some people shake a lot and others don’t.

pretty pec dominant bench almost straight up and down

I also don’t like foreign hands on the bar, but I think the help was minimally.

However, for a man who has been preponderantly train as a bodybuilder for many years, the performance is very solid.

That’s why I stopped asking people to spot me and started benching in a power rack, until I eventually got my own equipment at home. A lot of people want their share of the glory whenever someone benches a big weight. You can’t count a lift as a PR if someone was touching the bar.

It’s so logical that you don’t even have to mention it.

However, many (former) bodybuilders like to use this habit.

Very insane: bench press (legs up!) 240 kg and 250 kg at BW 112 kg.

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