Vlad's Strength Training Log (and redemption for the pics posted some 4 years ago...)

I’m training each exercise about once every 3 days:
A: One strength session (4 sets x 3 reps + warm-up)
B: One mass session (4 sets x 5-6 reps +warm-up)
and I’m trying to add ~1kg/week (or 2, if I feel good)

BW chins, dips and push-ups throughout the week, same for neck, forearm and rotator cuff/rear delt work.

I’m doing deadlifts, bench “floor presses” (BP with the ROM of a floor press), chins and rows + curls and some accessory exercises (rotator cuff, erectors, neck, shoulder flies/scaptions)

Deload every fifth week (reduce volume by 2/3, or maybe reduce volume and also only do the mass session), 2 week break every two months (depending on how I feel)


Long term: >440 lb DL (>550…maybe), … strict one arm push-ups, front lever & one-arm chin-ups (I’m a physical culturist, interested mainly in strength and some athleticism. Form follows function)

Short term: I want to get to a 300 lb x3 DL, and a 220 lb bench, preferably before March 2011.

I do 4x3 because since the weights I use are still low, I guess it’s not too much (or is it?), and also because I guess (from what I read around here) that my nervous system is probably not all that efficient…yet…

I don’t go to failure, and go pretty much by Chad Waterbury’s, Charles Staley’s and Christian Thibaudeau’s “stop set when speed/technique drops”. “Pretty much” because being weak as I am right now, I don’t know if it would be a good idea to always stop when speed drops.

Form on bench and deadlift:

Current estimated 1 RMs: BP: 154 (70 kg) DL: 264 (120 kg) Chin: BW+88 (BW+40 kg, tested)
1A curl: 40 (18 kg)

23 October '10:

Bench press (practically, floor press but done on bench):
66 x 8, 88 x 3, 114 x3, 136 x3 ,x4 ,x3 , x3

Chest supported row (super-setted with BP): 44x6, 55 x6, 66 x6, x6

Back (spine) flexion-extension: 20, 22 x6, 55 x10

DL (semi-sumo): 132 x5, 154 x3, 176 x3, 200 x3, 220 x3, 242 x3, 250 x3, x3 ,x3

Neck harness ext: 11 x10, 22 x10, 30 x10
Neck flexion: 30 reps, 9x10, 12x10

Note: probably at least until the 330 x3 DL and 220 BP I won’t do any variations. Just semi-sumo DLs (and a set of SLDLs/session) and “bench floor presses”