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Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky: Science and Practice of Strength Training

I’ve recently acquired Vladimir M. Zatsiorsky’s ‘Science and Practice of Strength Training’ because I’ve heard so much about it. The volume prescribed in the sub-maximal trianing it quite high, but what suprised me even more is the frequency suggested for the same body part. Unless I’ve misunderstood,he recommends that for large body parts 72-96hours and medium body parts 48-72hours is sufficient recovery time before doing the same workout is performed.

1] Does he solely base this recommendation on the time required to replenish glycogen?

2]If so, is this assumption correct?

3] If this assumption is correct, should one create a dynamic training schedule for each bodypart based on the unique recovery times?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about this but I think when he said 48-72 hours between - he meant with guys training the O-lifts - synaptic facilitation - check on it, I don’t have it with me but you do

Hope I helped
Adam Marsahll

you definately could try to implement a schedule around something like that, while carfully payin attention to volume quantity and distribution

I have this book also and I understand what you are saying. The reason he suggests such high frequency is to maintain the gains. One thing you will also notice is that the intensity changes. For example, Soviet Squatters may squat 6-8 times a week, but they are not always going to maximal effort. The reason for this is active recovery. Rather than take a whole day off and not do anything, u can speed recovery by doing reps at maybe 60% max. Adjusting the intensity allows for the body to recover faster and prime the body for further progress.