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Vixen training

My vixen is recently getting back to training after having layed off for a while due to a super busy career. I want to get her hitting the iron 2-3 days per week and doing some walking or other cardio a couple more times a week. Any advice from the Vixens or guys who train with vixens as far as must do/musn’t do exercises ? Any good info or tips would be appreciated. Thanx

The only obstacle is to pick exercises that are of great benefit, but are also enjoyable for her to do. If interest goes, so does effort and thus, results.

The big three come to mind: squats, deadlifts, and bench. Nice and simple and perfect routine for just 2-days a week. And something she can maintain even during a busy career.

Whatever she does, don’t forget chin-ups.

Make no mistake: anything you do she can do. There are no must do/musn’t do lifts for women, unless they are must do/musn’t do for men.

I train side by side with my main man - we have the exact same routine - except he occasionally performs front squats - and I don’t like those that much, so I don’t do 'em and he does lift heavier (like, duh) - BUT not all the time (he he he). And there’s no mistaken my feminine form - so yes, it is thoroughly agreed that there is no “women only” and “men only” routines.

Amen, Michelle. The last time I had the pleasure of training with a Vixen, we did every exercise together, adjusting weights as necessary.

I’m w/Michelle that a female should train the same as a male for optimum results. Same exercises, sets, reps, and weight. (just kidding about the weight, in most cases.) Anyway, that makes your vixen a good training partner. The only thing my vixen does that I don’t is way more cardio, (which she doesn’t need.) But, it makes her happy, so I don’t complain. Whatever your vixen chooses will be a benefit to her (and you.) Also, sorry to throw this in, but my work/school career is busy as it gets and I still make time everyday to train. I don’t really buy peoples excuses concerning time constraints. You either want it or you don’t. How’s it go, love it or leave it?

My vixen and I just completed our own version of Poliquin’s German Body Comp and are now doing Charles Staley’s Convergent Phase Training with no complaints from either of us. Training alongside one another is great, so I echo the opinions of everyone else. Good luck!