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Vixen is considering implants

Alright T-people (men and vixens), I need your input on something. My vixen is contemplating getting breast implants (and NO, I haven’t been pressuring her into it or anything. She’s wanted to for years). She’s quite a small girl, though - about 5’4" and 103 pounds soaking wet. She’s very lean, with a little abdominal defination, and basically a dancer’s body. She doesn’t work out per se, but she dances a lot, so that keeps her lean. My concern is, on someone so small and relatively lean, would implants look too fake on her? She’s an A-cup now. I just don’t know if she’s got enough skin to stretch over them and look “natural.” Would a good surgeon be able to get her up to a large B without it looking super-fake? Thanks for your help.

A good surgeon might be able to make them look natural, but they’l still feel like fakes. Just my opinion.

sorry, but tits are 80 percent visual appeal. tell her to get em done. they’ll look better

Search for my post on breast enlargement or the Brava System (non-surgical).

I’ve said this before, but I’m not a breast guy. I’ve dated people from A - DD. And I have always preferred the smaller breasted girls. I think your girl is great the way she is. I’d tell her not to do it. Let her know that she’s absolutely gorgeous as is and that she doesn’t need them. Besides, nice ass and legs are much more appealing than breasts. But maybe that’s just my preference. Obviously, the final decision is hers to make. But you can tell her that Nate Dogg said she doesn’t need them.

I’d love to find a small girl like you have. I met a hella hottie recently who is very similar to your girl. Beautiful brunette, petite with barely an A-cup. She is absolutely gorgeous, and I’d never recommend that she go for implants. Not that she has said she wanted to, but if she ever thought about it, I’d tell her to skip it! She doesn’t need them!

DAYUM, all this talk about going down, breasts and women is making me hella horny! Woo hoo! I’m glad it’s the weekend. Nate Dogg is on the prowl!

If I was an “A”, I’d do it. It’s not just about sex, it’s about how you feel when you look in the mirror. When you put on a nice dress, you want to look womanly and sexy, and breasts are just feminine. I went from a “D” to a “C” after having children and I miss my old size. If I went to an “A”, there is no question in my mind that I would have that surgery - even though my man isn’t a “breast man”. It may not look completely natural on her - but neither does not having very much up top. I bet she would stand out less with implants, as long as she doesn’t go overboard. If she wants them, she should get them.

nate dogg, where do u meet all these girls man? You sound like a chick magnet. I sounds like i have the same taste as you do in girls. The hottest girl i ever met was 4,11 but perfectly toned and very athletic.

Most of the girls I meet are through friends or just because I have the balls to go up to women at the pool, at a club or wherever else I may go. But just because I meet many hotties doesn’t mean I’m seeing them. There are many that I have met that I would love to be seeing, but nothing came out of it. So I’m not at all a chick magnet. Most women prefer tall guys with “pretty boy” looks. Both of which I do not have! I’ll post new pics soon. As I have posted an old pic of me once before on HotorNot. It’s still running on the site actually. It’s been doing pretty good considering it was taken four years ago! :wink:

Make sure the doctor comes highly recommended, spare absolutely no expense and don’t “stripper-size”, get something that fits her. It will look great and the feel aint to shabby either.