Recently there has been a lot of press in the UK about vivisection, or at least the antivivisectionists.

This has included typical intimidation of individuals directly and indirectly involved, but extending to students of Oxford Univiersity. Oxford is particularly in the spotlight due to the new build of an animal experimental lab.

in response to these protests, there has been a group of people under the banner “Pro-Test” suppoting vivisection. There has been a petition, and Tony Blair PM has signed it.

Watching a programme about some of these protestors, on firmly and clearly announced that if she were terminally ill, she would have no problem walking into Huntingdon Life Sciences (animal testing lab) and blowing all and everyone up.

There had also been a strange and to some disturbing change in the tactics used, where a farm owners dead mother had her remains descecrated in the name of the cause. In fact, her long dead body was stolen. They did in fact catch the perpertrators, and the got 12 years each for a number of offences.

So, where does the discussion sit in the US?

Now i know where i firmly sit,

My experience (farmboy turned research scientist), is that the parts of the country where people get most offended by it is where it occurs the least. PETA is obviously fairly active or always in the background (depending on your point of view) and in some regards considered equal to the antivivsectionists you’re describing, but they’re the sort of people that we refer to as ‘the far left’.

I’ve heard of parking lot vandalism and products that aren’t tested on animals are advertised as such, but nothing so bizaar as what you’re describing. More don’t ask, don’t tell, but I could be wrong.

The farm in question bred guinea pigs for experimentation.

There is in fact an american professor who expouses the benefits of militant action.

And this includes medical research.

Glaxo shareholders were recently given an option to shadow their names from fund lists as threats were made collectively to shareholders of GSK.