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Off to Vegas!!!..Need your help…Staying at the Luxor for 4 nights (weekend)…My lady and I have never been so what should we do?(she likes boobs just as much as I do:)…What shows,buffets,casinos,shopping,clubs…Any advice would be great…Drake

I was in Vegas with my girlfriend in June, which I imagine is quite different than now because of the weather. We stayed at Mandalay Bay and had a great time. Favorite parts were the resort itself and the weather- both of which you’re not gonna have.

But, from everything else we did, I’d say the best buffet’s are by fat the Mandalay Bay- for the actual meals, and Luxor for the desserts. Unbelievable selection.

You can always hit a show- like Blue Man Group at Luxor, or those fruity guys with the white lions over at MGM grand.

We took a ride down to the old strip for a few hours, which was cool at night with the fremont street experience.

We took a helicopter down to the grand canyon for lunch.

There’s always the clubs- Rah (I think) in Luxor, Rum Jungle in Mandalay Bay, also there’s a good club in Rio.

Other than that, I don’t really know what else to tell you because it was like 88 degrees and perfect weather. Have fun!

The Mandalay Bay has the best buffet anywhere in town. The Barbary Coast has a good eal on the best prime rib I’ve ever had. Tits are easy to see in Vegas, you’ll have no trouble there.

actually the guys with the white lions are Siegfried and Roy and they are at Mirage not MGM. Rick Springfield is at MGM in a show called EFX. the Fremont Street Experience is in old downtown Vegas but is pretty cool. it’s not the safest part of town though. just stay with crowds.

also if you are going to gamble, gamble off of the strip if you want to better your odds. so if you go to Fremont might want to gamble downtown. Golden Nugget or Binions. Also while downtown, might want to check out the Stratsophere Tower at night, it is very beautiful view atop of there at night.

Shopping on the strip you have The Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace. The Aladdin has shops too, Desert Passage, but Forums are far more popular. most casinos have some shops, but you just can't bet the Forums.

The most popular shows are “O” show at Bellagio, “Siegfried & Roy” and “Danny Gans” at Mirage, and “Mystere” at Treasure Island. All good shows, but expensive. Close to or over 100.00 a ticket for each, haven’t checked in awhile. Tickets can sometimes be hard to get as well.

there are lots of good clubs here. might want to check out vegas.com. under “nightlife” they list night clubs and strip clubs. the cover for the night clubs average 10-20 bucks.

the weather has been in the mid 50s during the day and 30s at night, so kind of chilly time of year here. that’s all i can think of. i have lived here and worked in casinos over 4 years, so any questions i will try to help you buddy.

The Olympic and Crazy Horse Too are the two classiest gentleman’s clubs down there - topless, but they serve booze. Cheetahs is probably the best fully nude place. For clubs, the above mentioned are good, but you should also hit up the Beach for sure, and the Drink, and the club in the Hard Rock. Also, the center bar at the Hard Rock is a good place to hang and gawk, although there a lot of professional personal entertainers hang around there when it gets late.

I heard that roller coaster up on that tower sucks ass but don’t know from experience. All it does is go around & around.

Drax: yeah, the roller coaster does suck! lol, when i rode it, it broke down and just stopped. i heard the workers say that was like the 100th time that day it broke. on the other hand the other ride at the top the “Big Shot” is kinda cool. shoots you straight up in the air. my guts went down to my ankles… it was fun.

Speaking about rides, that New York, New York Roller Coaster was pretty cool, but nothing special.

Well, this may be late but for future visitors…
If you’re with a group of guys, the Hard Rock is the only hotel to stay at. Especially during the summer when the pool is in full swing. Mandalay’s fine but I’d only stay there if I was with a girl.

Hard Rock’s also the best place to gamble, it has the youngest crowd and most energy. The center bar is great, but I’d avoid Baby’s (their club) unless you’re into techno played at vol. 12 and no room to move/breath. Seven recently opened on the strip, right now its the hot place to go, so if you’re going to suffer through techno/house/hip-hop to get laid, go where the action is.

Most of the Strip night clubs are ok but it tends to be hit or miss. Drey's used to be the "after-hours" place of choice but I hear they're ending the after hours parties due to too much X/ other drugs use.

My personal favorites for strip clubs (in order) 1) Olympic Gardens (lots of small stages/tables for a varitety of girls and the ladies don’t hassle you for lap dances). 2) Cheetah’s (women aren’t as hot as OG’s but they put more effort into it, definitely a local’s favorite. Better tip the bouncers $20 if you want a table or plan on keeping the one you just found). 3) Crazy Horse Too (Women are in between OG and Cheetah’s but only two stages make this less attractive than OGs and the ladies don’t work as hard as the Cheetah ladies, plus they tend to hassel you for lap dances) (oh, and its only topless). 4) Club Paradise (the hottest women but they know it. Expect to drop some serious coin here).

If you want all nude - hit Lil Darlin's. No alcohol is served so sneak in a flask. Women will be all over you to buy lap dances and the girls are of the peirced/tattooed variety, but when you want bush, you want bush.

Also- cab drivers get $10 bucks a head for customers they drop off. Let the cabby know that you know this and you won’t have to pay for the cab ride from your hotel to the club. Spearmint Rhino pays $15 bucks a head, so if your cabby suggests SR, thats why.

If anyone has a question, fire away, I was born and raised here.

Weapon X.

WeaponX-Is there still a fully nude strip club called the Palomino in the “bad” part of town? I was there with friends about 6 years ago. The strippers were all drop dead gorgeous, centerfold quality. I don’t know exactly where it was, but swore whenever I made it back to LV, I was going again. I rememeber the cover charge was $20 a head for two watered down drinks, but the quality of the girls made up for it. Never seen such beautiful stippers before.

I’m going Jan 24!!! 6 days worth of sin…any other help guys…Please

Rumor is that Roy died of AIDS several years ago and was secretly replaced by his brother. Proof is that Siegfreid does most of the actual work with the tigers. I’ve heard they sleepwalk through the show, the Cirque show Mystere (at Treasure Island, I think) is the one to see. Thank you, thank you verry much…

Go see “Mystere” or “O”. Tix are expensive but worth it. Your lady will LOVE those shows.

Ahhh, The Palamino Club. I haven’t even thought about that club in years. I used to go there maybe 6 or 7 years ago because a buddy’s girlfriend worked there. Once she left, i quit going there because its not exactly close to the strip, nor is it in a good part of town. I’m not sure what the deal is with that club, though i know I’d never bother going there again with so much prime talent at OG, C.H. Too, Cheetas, etc…

“O” is, without a doubt, the best show. Tickets are very expensive though, and hard to get some weekends. Mystere is second best, and a good deal cheaper. They’re both done by the same company, and they’re both worth catching.

There are a ton of great restaurants on the Strip, but if you want to do something a little different, check out Piero’s, its an old-Vegas Italian restaurant right off the the Strip. The kind of place where, back in the late 70s - early 80s you could find half a dozen “legitimate Italian businessmen” eating dinner along side former Rebel coach Jerry Tarkanian and Mob lawyer cum Mayor Oscar Goodman. Its got great food and a lot of local history. Plus, if you ever caught Casino, it was the restaurant where Sharon Stone and Robert DeNiro got into a fight.