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Vitrix Spiked Libido, Then Stopped

I’ve been off trt for 6 months and my libido was dead and nuts were small. I took 10mg of nolva for a month after trt (6 months ago) and nust never really kicked in fully. I was on trt for 2 1/2 years.

Two week ago I got some hcg 5000 units.
I took that in one week. This first shot made my balls grow and slight increase in libido. Second shot made me feel confused half hour after taking it and nuts seemed small after. so I finish that bottle that week. I started 10mg a day of nolva (because thats all I could get) the week after with 3- 5 caps of 6 oxo and 6 vitrix a day. My libido went wild.

I wanted to fuck everything. All I could think about was sex! After 10 day on this pct,the vitrix just stopped working. I know it is the vitrix because my libido would only really kick into high gear 1 hour after I would take vitrix everyday. There was some nights that it was hard to sleep because of the hard on vitrix gave me. I always reacted very good to trib. I tried next care’s T3 and I was the best so far for mood, confidence, muscle, and was also good for libido. T3 didn’t stop working on me when I took it three years ago and I was on it for 6 weeks.

If anyone has good experince on trib and is familiar with why this happened your feedback would be great. My natural test has been off for 2.5 years.

I’m trying to get more nolva to start a good pct. I’ve read alot about how nolva is better than clomid. Should I get both or just nolva to take with trib, and 6 oxo. I currently only have 10mg of nolva per day for 30 days .

Clomid has raised my t levels in the past but never helped libido. I also relapsed from clomid before even though it brought me up to 700’s range from 300 in 4 weeks it dropped back 300’s after.

I cant get any hcg, that was a one time deal because its never around.

what should I do nolva and clomid combo, or nolva at higher dose with 6 oxo and some trib(which always work right away)?

Why did you discontinue TRT after so many years? I’d go back to your MD for the solution and cure rather than trying to piece something together on your own.

I had switched endos a couple of times but they never seemed to know what they were talking about. I had to argue with them just to get E2( estrogen) checked. I could never keep E2 under control with arimidex or anything else. Arimidex works but keep i from lowering my E2 to much was very difficult even when I had split my shots up.

My libido was low before trt but trib always work great during that time. I also was under a lot of stress which dropped my t to 400’s range and now I’m not in that situation any more. I feel that I can have a decent libido being off trt and fully recoverd. I just dont know why vitrix stopped working so fast. It was awsome for the first 10 days.