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Vitor Belfort vs Rich Franklin UFC 103


The UFC has signed Vitor Belfort, who will headline UFC 103 against Rich Franklin. Franklinâ??s previously-scheduled opponent Dan Henderson is next in line to fight Anderson Silva, according to White.



Looks like it will be at the 205lb weight class.


Am I the only one excited for this fight?


Hell no. I would love to see that fight! Vitor back in the UFC is good news.

I'm not sure what Henderson is going to be able to do differently against Anderson but that will be a good fight as well.


I think so...


Hopefully he can hit him in the friggin face like he did to bisbing.



I agree if hendo hits you with that right hand your going to sleep.

Now I think Vitor is going to KO Franklin in the 2nd round.


I really hope Hendo has been training his sub defense...


It seems to me that Vitor is a superior fighter at least on paper. Better striking, better ground game. But, on the other hand I've seen Belfort fight when his head was not right and he looked mighty bad.

I'll be pulling for Rich but I think Vitor has this one if he comes in with the proper attituded.


Rather see Maia/Marquardt winner face Silva, I hope Vitor wins, would be a great fight against Silva.


This I agree with. I don't see how Hendo is next in line for Silva. I'd rather see Marquardt/Silva II.


Love Vitor..one of my favourites..I'm so pumped to see him in the UFC, I want him to hold the belt. Out of all fighters, I want him to hold the belt!
I'd liek for him to fight at 185 though! get that belt..then go for the 205 belt.
The man has POWER in his hands..and lately Vitor has been lookin great.


I am excited to see how he has progressed and if he can hang with the big boys again. He was always one of those figthers that was easy to like, but he seemed to cave in the big fights. Franklin is a tough fight. I kind of wish they would have givin him a warm-up fight. Can't wait to see this one though.


how old is vitor now?


two years younger than me I believe. So 31?


Oh I thought he was in randy/chuck's age group for some reason.


Man Vitor's ognna fuck Franklin UP! KO!


should be a bit more fun than Franklin's last 'win'


definitely a more interesting fight then franklin hendo 2.

i feel hendo can beat silva, he just has to stick to his game plan this time and NOT try and do what he did to bisping!

however i reckon if forrest pulls off an upset against anderson, he'll be pissed and will probably be gunning to smash hendo