Any ideas on doseage for Vitex? The brand I’ve seen recommends 4x400mg capsules a day, but it’s sold as a women’s supplement.
Should men take more for our purposes?

General guidelines bandied about on the T-mag site are 400mg/day for men.

You shouldn’t need more than 1 cap/day or at most 1 caps/2x/day to get a considerable response. For me it normally “kicks in” about the fifth or sixth day.

GYMNUT, are you saying that vitex takes about a week to start working??? The reason I ask is because I’ve been taking it for 5 days now and havent really noticed anything. I’m taking the standard 400mg dose, so maybe there is hope yet.

What exactly were you expecting to happen after 5 days on a product?

I’m really just trying to use it as a cheap estrogen blocker/T-booster since it binds to the E-receptor and also increases T to a small degree. Forgive my ignorance but I assumed from the old vitex posts that the stuff worked right away. I figured the best way to see if its working is the typical symptoms of increased arousal,oily skin, etc. I’m not looking to put on any muscle directly from vitex if thats what your wondering. The majority of the people that posted seemed to notice a fairly strong response from taking the stuff. I’m only taking 400mg(the whole plant not the extract) on an empty stomach in the morning. I was under the impression that taking more than this wasn’t necessary but I may increase the dosage next week. Then again I should be more patient.

Vitex is not really an estrogen blocker. It is included in M to increase the production of natural testosterone. The other 3 ingredients in M are the primary anti-estrogen ingredients. Another thing that concerns me is the fact that you say the product that you are using is “the whole plant, not the extract.” 400mg of the extract delivers the proper ratio of the active ingredient, however, i’m not so sure that 400mg of the plant will deliver the same amounts of the active ingredient. You may want to ask Bill Roberts about this, as i do not know the answer.

That was part of the problem with the previous posts on vitex, some people were using the extract and others the actual plant. It seemed people were doing well with the whole plant. But I do remember Cy quoting a study that said vitex binds to the E-receptor. The title of the post was “Vitex Question.” Tim did say that testosterone is increased as well as blocking prolactin(issue 183). Your right about vitex being an extract at least in “M” but I recall several others using the whole herb. My impression as to why biotest had used the extract is because they can control what chemicals go into the extract whereas the solaray extract really isn’t designed for use by men. Sort of like the difference between biotest tribulus and the healthfood variety of tribulus. Either way, thanks for replying.

I had good success with the “cheap” whole plant varitey. I noticed increased sex drive and more intese orgasms after about the fifth day. I take one capsule 2x/day and on about a 3wk on/3wk off cycle. It worked just as well as Tribex if not better for me. My training partner felt he recieved little benefit from the vitex but loves Tribex, could just be your individual response.

GYMNUT: I think I’m going to try a higher dosage(2X 400mg a day) next week and see what happens. Good thing the stuff is so cheap! I did notice my nuts feeling a little tingly today which was quite odd… but that could just be my imagination. I think I may just take a spit test to see what its doing, since they’re fairly cheap. Thanks for the info, I may try tribex in the future when I have a little more cash :slight_smile: