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Vitex Quality

Hey guys, Here’s the deal. I know a guy who can hook me up with supplements really really cheep. He carries most Biotest products, but not the newest ones (Mag10, M). Needless to say, i get my Mag10 elsewhere, but he does carry a couple of Vitex products. The label of the one that i am looking at reads “This standardized formula contains a minimum of 0.5% agnusides, the active component of Vitex, as well as Dong Quai for synergism and additional hormonal support.” Is this product standardized correctly and does it sound like a quality Vitex product to stack with Tribex? Thanks for your help fellas, i appreciate it greatly.

What’s the brand? The Solaray stuff that Brock has always recommended is so dirt cheap (~$8 for 100 caps) that there’s no reason not to buy it.

thanks man, they got the solaray brand. I can get it for 4 bucks. good lookin’ out, i appreciate it. peace,
Joel Marion

Yes, as Joel pointed out, the Solaray brand
(400 mg once per day) works very well with