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Vitex., Pollen Extract Sex Enhancement

Earlier some left a thread asking about Sweedish Flower Pollen as a sex enhancement supplement. This pollen is being touted in the porno mag ads as increasing a males ejactulate, to help a guy “shoot huge loads of cum”.

I am thinking, if this is correct, then it would be raising a guys FSH and LH levels, which thereby would increase T levels, for not only producing more ejactualte, but also for strength and muscle gain, and fat loss.

i dont know if this stuff works, but Brock has said Vitex increases a guys load like clomid, and Bill didnt get that effect. How about everyone else, did any guy get a bigger load like when he takes clomid while on Vitex?

BTW, the bigger a guys laod, then more intense the spasm and intensity of the orgasm, so dont gloss over this.

“Sweedish Flower Pollen”
I´m from Sweden so I should get that stuff for free but the only reactions I get from pollen is allergic…
I wouldn´t buy it.

Big loads or not, clomid does me no favors in the sex department. It takes me forever to climax and sometimes never do. Plus the loads are bigger, but not Peter North big.

I’m on vitex right now, and I’ve noticed that my loads are a lot thicker. When I was not on that stuff, my load would be very watery. I usually release myself on a piece of tissue. So, from my observation, when I’m not on vitex, and I finish my business on the tissue paper, I would tilt the tissue and the load would smear all over it. Being on vitex now, my load is almost thick as Elmers School Glue. When it’s on the tissue, and I tilt it, the load is so thick that it takes time to travel. So yes, vitex did increase the thickness of my load. As far as shooting like Peter North, it has to be genetic. I really doubt that he holds off, otherwise he would have to for a month to shoot those kinds of loads. That guy makes so many movies a year that it would be impossible to work only once a month.