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Vitex-personal results

How is everyone coming along that is taking vitex? Any big results?

Just those effects already mentioned - especially an ongoing aroused state. Too early to tell if there are anabolic effects. And there’s a question of exact protocol for Vitex use.

Besides putting on 6lbs of BW and going up 5% on all my
weights over the last 6 wks, oh, and waking up in the middle of
the nite with a wicked stiffy, I haven’t noticed a damn thing
different. (I have been taking the Vitex with “Tribex.”)

I recently stacked Vitex with Tribex after an Androsol cycle. Immediatley noticed more oily skin and I kept all my gains from Androsol. I am now back on an Androsol cycle and i am taking Vitex with it, libido is strong as well as seminal volume after one week on Androsol, strength way up. I think Vitex is a good addition to Tribex and Androsol, as far as Vitex taken by itself i haven’t tried it yet.

how many mgs are you guys taking?

I’ve been taking Vitex (solaray extract…same as Brock) for a week and haven’t noticed anything…maybe even fewer erections. How long did it take you guys to notice the effects? What kind of dosage are you taking?

I’ve been taking vitex solo for about a month (Enzymatic therapy, 400mg extract per pill 2x daily) and haven’t been able to see/feel any difference.

I realized that i got real aroused for no reason. Almost to the point where it was annoying. I know it wasnt placebo because I was trying to figure out what was causing it when it occured to me that i was taking Vitex. I kinda forgot i was taking it.

what brand and what dosages are you guys using? thanks

I’ve been taking Vitex for two weeks and I started Androsol and Creatine the second week. I’m up 6lbs and my libido is getting just silly. I’ve been taking a gram of Soloray (the extract kind) a day - I dont get oily skin but my aggression was up after the first week and I walk around with wood most of the day, with the addition of Androsol and Creatine I’m in a pumped state all day every day.

I am using Vitex (240 mg/day) with 3 caps Tribex 2x a day. I am 17, so I’ve never had problems getting a stiffy. But even while posting I have one. Too early to tell anabolic effects. I am also bumping calories to 4000, so mass is expected.

Vitex is trully amazing…I have been waking up consistently with a unusually hard stiffy consistently and much more frequently. also I have more oily skin on my face. Horny most, no, ALL the time. I have uncontrolable spontaneous erections which are difficult to keep at bay. I have been taking the GNC fingerprinted brand (1000 mg [500mg per pill] in the morning with carb/protein breakfast) in addition to 90 sprays of androsol in the morning and 50 sprays nandrosol at night. Totally insane effects at this point from this particular blend of goodies. ALSO, I find that I have been just standing around and then BOOM, I get this indescribable feeling of wellbeing and happiness. It is trully amazing as I said. And yes, It is THAT effective for me.

I’m using the same stuff as Dawg on the Porch, GNC “fingerprinted” brand at 2 caps in the morning. I tried 1 AM, 1 PM, but I had a hard time sleeping. The only other supps I take are 5-10G of creatine daily and 6G flax oil. I gained 7 lbs. mostly water from creatine, but after a week or so I noticed more wood, more often, sometimes for no reason. I feel better, stronger, lifts are going up despite some injuries, and I am recovering faster. This seems to be the biggest bang for the buck ever at ten bucks for Vitex and creatine is cheap. I’ll switch over to “M” once it’s out, but Biotest (PLEASE pay attention Tim and Chris) has been EXTREMELY slow lately when it comes to getting new gear out.

GregBrock - no kidding - what’s up with all these delays? Whatever happened to the low-carb Grow bars?

Gregbrock and Jon- The reason for delays? Easy. Quality. Tim doesn’t rush anything to the market until it’s perfect. For example, Biotest played around with the formula and flavoring of Advanced Protein for a solid year before releasing it. Thank God for that too. I ran out last month and bought some Designer (weak moment). I never realized how good AP was until I tasted that crap!

Also, keep in mind that we’re a weekly publication, so when we get excited about something it’s hard not to talk about it that week. Sometimes we talk about products that are a ways down the road. Big “you can get our stuff at Wal-Mart” companies never share anything with their customers/readers so they never know what’s coming down the pipe.

Trust me, from what I’ve seen in my short time in this biz, you’d much rather wait until a product is perfected rather than buy a rushed-to-the-market supplement. I can think of a couple of other companies out there that put out some complete shit because they were in a hurry. The thing is, there was no need for the product to suck. They just rushed it to the market and overlooked some basic stuff.

BTW, I think the AP bars were delayed so Biotest could get Surge, T2 and the new Methoxy-7 on the market. So I’m guessing they’ll be coming up soon. Then again, that’s not my department. :slight_smile:

I have been taking 320 mg a day for a week and my sex drive is up, I’ve been ‘active’ the past 3 days and I am sure I can handle the 4th. I bought the crappy brand, only thing they had left, but special ordered the extract of vitex. I am also using Tribex. Gains are still coming despite coming off my first prohormone cycle with Androsol last week.

Did you know that Vitex contains two Ecdysteroids, namely 26-hydroxypinnatsterone and 20-hydroxyecdysone! It also appears to effect dopamine and opiod receptors. What gets me is that many of the clinical studies are in women for treating PMS (evaulating its global and estrogenic activity).


I just read on the other site that too much Vitex can be counter-productive and can cause the testes to become less sensitive to LH. I think 400mg/day was the correct dosage. Guess I’ll be cutting mine in half!

Been on Vitex (400mg 2x/day) for a week. Feel nothing. Dropped Tribex from 12 caps to 4 at the same time. Just came off 6 weeks Finasol last week and now bridging with Nandrosol. I’ve taken so much crap in the last few months I doubt I’ll be able to tell the difference. Also started Clomid today so I guess I’ll never know.

Anybody here taking vitex ALONE? Almost every post in the thread ends with “I’m also taking tribex and/or androsol”. I’m not bagging on anybody but that throws all objectivity out the window. I’ve been on vitex for a month and it’s been 2+ months since I’ve had any tribex or 'sol and my “pure” vitex experience has been disappointing. However, per one of the last posts, perhaps I should cut back my dosage. Thanks for any feedback.