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Vitex past uses

I’m confused about Vitex. Isnt it suppose to be an anti-estrogen? If that is the case why has it always been marketed to “woman suffering from an irregularity in their menstrual cycle”? I would figure women would want high estrogen levels. I’m curious as to why this older supplement has been kept a secret from the bodybuilding community for such a long time. Thanks

Your exact question has alreay been answered. Try vitex in the search engine, there is lots of info there.

Yeah, what GYMNUT said, plus think about it— what else is a great product for BB’s that’s made for women? Clomid! And isn’t Armidex used for breast cancer as well?

Gymnut, If you know the link to the questions I ask please give it to me:) I’ve search this site for “Vitex” and have read the 15 or so links (which moslty point to the same 3 articles). None refer to this supplement having been used predominantly to help control irregularities in women’s mentrual cycles ect… Nor the research that was discovered that made this a supplement popular in our circle :slight_smile: Thanks

I believe it was Brock who made vitex popular to the biotest forum. If I remeber correctly he nearly doubled his testosterone with just vitex. As for vitex role for women. I have researched the info on the rest of the net, and found that vitex is used in women to regulate progesterone to estrogen ratios. PMS symptoms are known to be caused by elevated levels of estrogen in women. There is actually quite a bit of info for women’s use out there. Most of my vitex info for men has been gathered from the Biotest site. Here is some other info gathered from the site.

Now, after understanding how it affects the endocrine system, it's obvious that Vitex can't elevate progesterone levels in males. The reason being, males don't have ovaries.

Vitex agnus-castus is an herb that has gonadotropic properties. In other words, it stimulates the gonads by increasing LH. And if a male uses a gonadotropic agent, like Tribex-500, clomiphene, or Vitex, the testes are stimulated to increase Testosterone, not estrogen or progesterone.

The studies that show that Vitex elevates progesterone are conducted on women. The one study I know about that reviews progestagenic affects on men shows no increase, which is what was expected. To increase progesterone in males, you’d have to somehow coax the adrenal glands to pump more out, which is impossible with Vitex.

In addition to Vitex stimulating natural T levels, it also blocks estrogen at the ER — which is way cool!

Hope this helps, but more info for women is all over the net. Be careful, though I found a lot of sites that incorrectly quote some of the studies. Vitex definitely does not decrease sex drive in men as some sites tell you. ;)

Thanks GYMNUT!! You’ve been a big help and I appreciate your response :wink:

In short, Vitex makes a man more of a man and a woman more of a woman.