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Vitex like Clomid???

If Vitex acts like Clomid (somewhat), could my wife use Vitex to boost her fertility/ovulation if that is a problem for her? I ask because no doctor we have consulted with has heard of Vitex, and drugs are sort of a last resort. If anyone can help with some insight into this, we would appreciate it alot. I have read on this site what Vitex can do if taken by men, but am still in the dark about how it would affect women regarding their cycle. Thanks in advance. Best to all…

Vitex should be good for your wife. It should help with menstrual balancing out. Vitex-chasteberry, is mainly recommend for women to help them in these situations. That’s why it got confusing in the beginning when it was found to have benefits for men in a different way. Search on the net for info on chasteberry. Good luck to you and your wife! AJ

Vitex has been working great for my wife during PMS. From what I know, I think Vitex block projesterone and this eases the bloating and Shitty feeling that some women have.

I’ve read that clomid and vitex counterbalance each other for women. You might want to do more research.