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vitex for women?

I heard some suggestions in other websites, for women trying to fight excess estrogen.

I think the T-mag stuff is against it, not sure though.

what do you think?

would it hurt the birth control mechanism of a pill?

vitex is the active ingredient in biotest’s ‘M’ it is chaste berry. Chaste berry is more effective against progesterone than estrogen, however most oral contraceptives contain small doses of both estrogen and progestin. Some small dose pills contain just progestin. Now days birthcontrol pills contain such small doses of hormone that even just missing one pill can put a women at risk for conception. I would avise against using the vitex if oral contraceptive continue to be her contraceptive of choice. So other option would be to find an alternative - non hormonal method of birth control, then try the vitex, Or she could cross over to the dark side- take small doses of an anabolic steroid such as primo, anavar, or winstrol, (primo being my choice) and use nolvadex to block estogen, therby controlling the fat. the steroids would cause the women not to get her period, - and I must warn you that there is a small chance of permament sterility this way as well, however most women eventually begin to have their period again once steroids have been stopped. P-22