Vitex Dosage!!!!

I searched in the past subjects about the dosage for Vitex. It seemed that some said 400 once, 500 once, or 500 2x a day. What is the recommended doage for someone coming off M-10? Thank you all

I’m not going away!!

Mr. Roberts I was wondering what dosage of Vitex you would recommend for someone coming off a 2 week M-10 cycle? I read so many different suggestions some of saying 4-6 caps a day. Each cap was 400mgs.!! That sounds like way to much, or is it? Please help

J-Man, taking that much would provide no additional benefit. You should be more than fine by taking 2 caps per day. One with breakfast, one with lunch. Good luck, hope this helps.

Hey, I’m retarded is each cap 400mg???

If you’re using the Solaray brand, then yes, I believe each capsule will be 400mg.

It seems that one 400 mg capsule per day is all that’s needed along with Tribex, surprisingly enough, and there seems no clear further benefit to taking more than this.