Vitex Brand Question

Hi guys, I have used M with great results (didnt necesarrily have estrogen problems, but I did notice an increased T levels) and I want to try using a cycle of just vitex to compare the results of both.
My question is, which brand of vitex is the best. I remember there being confusion if the extract or whole herb was the best. I remember Bill Roberts saying the whole herb was the best, but Biotest used the extract version of Vitex in there formula.
What brand and version (whole herb or extract) would be the best to use? Solarray has a few brands of vitex, which one would be the best to try?
Thank you everyone.

Solaray Vitex 400mg caps. Good luck, outlaw.

Thank you

I’ve used Nature’s Ways : Femaprim. The vitex used in it is suppose to be the same vitex used in all the european studies, believe I read somewhere Nature’s Way imports it from Germany then bottles it up under the Femaprim name. Nature’s Way also makes a regular Vitex product, but don’t thing it is standardized as potent as their Femaprim (which costs more). The Femaprim has a few other things in it than just Vitex and is sold as a “female” type herb for PMS, etc. But the active ingred of the vitex herb is standardized to a higher concentration than regular vitex products. I’m not sure if the higher concentration of the vitex active ingred in Femaprim justifies the added cost over just taking more of the cheaper “regular” vitex products. I used the last of my Femaprim awhile back and threw the bottle out, so I can’t tell you what all is in it or the dosages and what the vitex standardized % was. I think you can go to Nature’s Way website and get all that info.