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Vitex and Tribulus questions

Hi gang. I’ve been very happy with Biotest, starting with the fact that they produced the first Tribulus product that gave me consistent results. But, just out of curiosity, has anyone tried any tribulus-based products which had comparable performance and consistency to Tribex 500? Also, do more people here prefer the results from the new Tribex formulation or the original?

Secondly, regarding Vitex – most vitex products out there are labelled as ‘Female Hormonal Support,’ plus in most herbal reference books vitex is often called a SUPRESSOR of libido in men…however, most people, myself included, have noticed no libido diminishment with M, and many have even noticed an increase. So, are there more than one types of Vitex species, with perhaps slightly different effects? Or is it the secondary products in M which help with libido?

Finally, what are some other good brands or types of Vitex that produce the beneficial effects attributed to M, but are more appropriate to someone on a lower budget? I’ve been travelling for a few months and I’m rather low on cash.

Thanks in advance!

I can’t remember the brand, but the #2 brand of tribulus had something like 30% less active ingredients than Tribex, and that was before the last improvements made to Tribex where they isolated more of the active ingredient. So really, Tribex-500 is the only tribulus product worth using.

as a poor student, I triedtosave some money and bought tribulus and avena sativa separately from different companies. I think it was tribulus from twinlab. It didn’t work even half as good as biotest Tribex. All the products in M are important. They have calcium-d-glucarate, reservatrol, trocotrienoles. Do a medline or lef search on them and see how beneficial they are for health, and not just because of excess estrogen removal.