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Vitex and Tribex

I just started my first cycle of Tribex, and have been taking Vitex (GNC fingerprinted variety) once a day in the morning for the past few weeks. Does it make any sense to take both supplements at the same time, or is this simply redundant. I plan on trying Androsol in two weeks, so would the vitex be better used after I come off the Androsol?

Tribex-500 and vitex or M make a great stack. One boosts T the other lowers E (mainly).

man i thought that you didn’t need any “m” or “vitex” with Tribex since its a natural herbal supplement…which causes to use your “already there” T and raise it up…
Anyone oppose…? thanx

You’re right. You don’t need M or vitex with Tribex. It’s just that the two compliment each other and stack well together.

As mentioned and discussed very often on the forum, Vitex goes extremely well with Tribex.

Thanks guys. I had figured that by working both sides – pro-testosterone and anti-estrogen, that the two would stack well together. Thanks for substantiating that thought.