Vitex and persistent LH insensitivity, Tribex dosages

First of all I don’t quite fit the archetypal t-mag constituent, 20 yrs, 51kg middle-distance runner, ~4%bf. For the past three weeks I’ve been trying out Vitex, the Blackmores brand (only one I could find here in Aus.), standardized to 550mcg agnuside per capsule, 2x capsules first thing in the morning (total 1.1mg, v. close to the 1.13mg everyone else is trying.) Can’t say I’ve felt much either way but I’m going to persist for a little longer with it. My first question is will long term use of vitex (say 3 months) induce LH insensitivity that persists after I’ve stopped taking it? (Perhaps no-one knows this yet anyway.) My second question relates to the new(ish) Tribex. Given that I’m maybe 20+kg lighter than the reference man for which the 8 capsule dose is designed, can I take 6 capsules instead and still get a decent effect? It’s probably a bit simplistic to presume that dosage scales in a linear fashion according to bodyweight but with the Au dollar the way it is the Tribex is expensive here and I’d like to use it in the most efficient manner possible. None too exciting stuff but If anyone had any ideas I’d be most grateful .

I think it will. It induces LH elevation through a declination of Lactic Acid (LA). LA is needed for the Leydig glands to remain sensitive to LH. I have found that it works for about a week before losing it’s luster. Perhaps it should be done in the morning so LA has time to decline so LH will rise in the evening thus giving rise to the almight T in the morning thus mimicking your body’s natural rythyms. After that maybe 1 week on 1 week off OR EOD dosages might retain your Teste’s sensitivity.

I have found Tribex just gets better each time I use it. I have reccomened it to the owner at the local nutriton store and he says now they can't keep up with demand because everyone loves it.

I was under the impression that it was prolactin that was responsible for LH sensitivity in the testes. Lactic acid is some sort of krebs cycle intermediate or something and I’m not sure its terribly relevant to the hormonal environment (of course I could be completely wrong.) I’m now thinking that perhaps agnuside is not the whole story with vitex, so I’ll have to find a different brand which includes other sections of the chaste berry. Until ‘M’ comes out at least (?) Any further opinions on 6 caps of Tribex per day for someone of 51kgs?

Your are completely right. I meant prolactin instead of Lactic Acid. You are correct in that is what keeps your teste’s sensitive to LH. So, if my thinking isn’t way off. Prlonged use may diminish any Testosterone incline. I don’t know wether anti-Estrogen effects would dimish over time though.