Vitex and Diet

Ok, I know the Vitex issue is sort of a dead horse, but I’m gonna beat it. I’m 6’ and currently cutting from 205 @12% BF. I decided this time to try a different approach to my diet while cutting. I’ve done the whole low carb thing, but it just isn’t for me. The low carb diet has worked at cutting BF, but way too much muscle, on low carbs my strength seriously crashes and I feel like shit (no surprise there). So this time I’ve cut down to 2,500 calories but kept my ratio at 40/45/15. I’ve been on this for four weeks now and it’s working great. I’m down to 10%, and my body weight is down a little, but I haven’t lost my strength, I’m actually getting stronger in some lifts. Now here comes my question. I’m not using any supplements except for Vitex (I decided to give it a try when coming off a cycle of Nordiol and 4-AD). I know you guys have been suggesting 1 400mg cap a day, but I’ve been taking 4 caps in the morning and 4 at dinner time (I figured, as with most herbals, you’ve got to take quite a bit for it to be effective). What do you guys think, have I just found a diet that is working for me or is Vitex actually effective.
Thanks, Jay

Vitex lowers estrogen, right? I guess that could help with fat loss, but it’s not like it’s a thermogenic or anything. Vitex is effective for what it does but I’m sure your diet is playing the biggest part here.

1600 mg of vitex may not be harmful, but I would caution thinking that just because something comes from a herb that it’s ok to use a shit load of it.

Jay, Sounds way over board. I am taking 400mg once a day in the am and it is working fine. Also the more you take the more likely an imunity will be esatblished by your body. Your body strives for homeostasis and at that dose it is more likely to happen to you faster. I would drop the dose keep the diet same and see what happens.

I know Vitex is not a thermogenic, but I’m wondering if it may be having some muscle sparring effect while I’m cutting since my strength has not diminished. Oh yeah, I think it’s odd, but I’m not seeing the huge increase in libido everyone is claiming. I think that may be because I’m a little stressed out with working full time and going to school full time at night.