Vitex....and dead horses

I know that with the flurry of vitex posts that this has to look a bit like taking a whip to a dead pony, but…

Vitex increases T production, great. The body is damn good at regulating thing to maintain an equilibrium. So, if you take it to raise test levels how is that your pituitary doesn’t see the higher level reduce LH output to keep the levels where they were? Does it tweak the “setpoint” or block something that keeps the pituitary from seeing the new higher levels as high?

That is a damn good question, but I think the only person who can answer that correctly is Brock. Brock, you got your ears on?>

Brock’s ears are on, but he ain’t talkin’. Not until Biotest releases their new product. He’s been pretty clear about not answering any more vitex questions.