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Vitasport's Pro7ein Synthesis?

Hey guys. Just wanted to see if anybody has tried Vitasport’s Pro7ein Synthesis. It’s a relatively new product but I’m considering getting it. I’m currently 21 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall, 160lbs. and have roughly 12-16% body fat (I know that’s not precise but it’s been a couple months since I measured body fat). I’m trying to tone up a little and am therefore looking for a protein with less fat that the one I’m currently taking. That’s what attracted me to Pro7ein Synthesis. It looks fairly good on paper but I’ve only seen it at Nutrishop and wasn’t sure if they were just trying to push a product on me or if it really is as good as it sounds.

They also package the protein powder with a glutamine formula called Glutacor. Any input on this product would also be greatly appreciated.

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the names they give shit today

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
the names they give shit today[/quote]
It’s a well known fact, if you replace a letter with a number in naming your product (Jack3d, Yok3d, etc) or you incorporate an “X” in the name it means your product is way more extreme. Almost pharmaceutical grade. Not for anyone who isn’t super serious about getting built.

As for glutamine or “glutacor”…ehhh. People seem to have mixed reviews on this supplement and it’s effectiveness.

Glutamine is great for gut health, and immune system

If you aren’t going to purchase Low Carb Metabolic Drive or whey here, at the very least purchase a high quality CFM whey product or a simple casein and whey blend. It will work just as well and save you money.

Everyone that has posted positive reviews on another large forum have had very few posts. Suspicious. There is nothing special about this product.

The differences between it and Low Carb Metabolic Drive are the egg albumin (egg whites) and the added BCAA, glutamine, and EAA.

The egg whites are the last listed, which means at best there is less than an egg or 2 worth and likely even less than this. The micellar casein is listed second last, so at best it is 10% of the total protein, once more likely less. This is the casein you would want as high as possible. Low Carb Metabolic Drive has much more, I think the least it can be is around 25% (imputed from labelling rules).

BCAA can be purchased standalone as can leucine the primary BCAA component. The glutamine is pointless in the mix, and there are more than enough EAAs in any quality whey or casein protein or blend and any added amount is miniscule at best.

Great! Thanks for all the feedback guys!