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Vitaplus Unreliable?

So, I placed an order with a supplement distributor called VitaPlus on the 20th of April. I know, Biotest is good, but they don’t carry everything, and I was looking to pick up some Psychotropin, Sesathin, etc. Placed order on the 20th, it was reported shipped on the 21st. Good, I thought, fast turnover. No tracking number, but I wasn’t concerned.

I’ve dealt with the company in the past, and knowing that they’re located in California. Usually 2-3 days to ship. Well, a week came and went, and I contacted the store. No response. Sent an inquiry via their webpage, received a brief email that said he would “look into it”. A week later, it’s today, no response from him or product delivery, and my phonecalls/queries are not being returned.

Anyone else had any problems of this nature? I’m considering calling both VISA and the FTC (in charge of credit card fraud via the internet). Would those be the proper authorities to contact?

Goes to show you: Buy from Biotest.

I quit buying from them when Biotest started selling their own products. My last order fom Vitaplus was late and they shorted me on product, they did make it up and send it but it took several days before they contacted me after I called.