As a college student that makes all of his own meals, I make it a point to keep time spent on food preperation to a minimum. My problem is, I rarely ever eat any vegetables. Do any of you have any “favorties” out there as far as multi-vitamins go? Any input will be appreciated.

I order my vitamins from a company out of St. Louis ( I have been a customer for sometime and I have not one complaint. All of their supplements are fast dissolving and easily used by the body.

I’m in the same boat as you. I make the majority of my meals myself, and I don’t always like taking a lot of time to do it (I am actually eating a bowl of cottage cheese and Grow! in my dorm room as I type this.)

Anyway, I go to the dining hall at least once a day and get a meal. I don't get the burgers and crap, but I do get a few chicken breasts (you should see the looks I get weighing them on my little scale at the table.) With this meal, I always get a nice salad and a bowl of veggies. Like you, I am not comfortable with the idea of eliminating them from my diet.

As far as a multi, I just use Mega Men, but that's because I have a friend who works at GNC so I get it for free. Others may have more input on this subject. Hope this helps.

I’ve been searching for a good multi and I think I’m going to use Beverly supplement’s super pack along with their antioxidant. Seems very well formulated. Hey Trev, remember when I ate all those stupid mango flavored things at your freind’s store? Digestive enzymes my ass. Lata.

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I posted this question on the forum here a while back. You might try running a search on it. I haven’t tried many of the higher quality brands but someone recently gave me some samples of some USANA vitamins and within 3 days I could tell a big difference in the way I felt. I was a bit skeptical because USANA is a multi-level company but it does seem they get a lot of positive feedback and are a brand that t-mags own Ian King uses and distributes.