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What is a good multivitamin(brand) to use. Used to use GNC megamen but now looking for a different brand because I buy online now.

I use Member’s Mark from Sam’s Club. They sell high-quality supplements (Multi, Vit C, Gluc/Chon, Fish caps, etc). They are also very affordable. Some of the T-mag staff have also recommended Member’s Mark.

If the moderator will allow, there is a non-profit lab that does testing of various brands of vitamins, testing to see that the tablets/capsules/whatever contain what the label says they contain. Check it out: www.consumerlabs.com

I use OneSource men’s - adds a little ginko and saw palmetto among other things - plus it’s cheap and has been a great multivitamin…

I use the rugrats chewable. they taste really good.

The best multi-vitamin/mineral/antioxidant on the planet are the Life Extension Mix tabs from the Life Extension Foundation. Nothing else comes close.

Good one, Goldberg. I am a Flinstones Kid myself - 10 million strong and growing

Oops! Sorry about that. The correct URL is

Check out the Varsity Pack 2 from Lindberg Nutrition. It comes in all capsules, uses the best ingredients, and is in a constant state of revision. The URL is: www.nutritionexpress.com
Good luck, take care, and have fun!

Buster, do you use the LEM? I thought about purchasing that multi, but I was worried about their seeming kitchen-sink approach and vitamin/mineral interactions negating beneficial effects. What has your experience been?

I love the Solgar line of products. One of the bests quality and purity-wise.

I order online from either netrition or dpsnutrition for most items. I order vitamins directly from SNAC systems. They are a two a day for $12. I agree that Life Extension is good, but too expensive for me. Snac is the inventor of ZMA that biotest carries.

Dan, I’ve been taking the Life Extension Mix tabs for about 3-4 months now and am very pleased with them. You’re right, the LEM does contain a lot of different nutrients (in some pretty high potencies too), but if you browse through the LEF web site, you can find research/studies to back up why everything has been included. They are a bit expensive, but if you become an LEF member and buy them 10 bottles at a time, you can reduce the cost to a little over a $1 a day.

Super Complete Capsules from ‘Ultimate Nutrition’

No shit? Rugrats? I tried to keep up with the times and went with the Pokeman Brand. Damn, guess I’ll have to go ol’ school…

Life Extension Mix has to be the ultimate,and you can order it online.

Well i really like the Tommy guy on Rugrats so i figured i would stay loyal to them.

How about Costco’s brand? - I heard they have decent fish oil caps so maybe the vitamins aren’t too bad either.