Vitamins to Prevent Hair Loss.

Hi guys, are there any specific vitamins that help prevent hair loss? I personally am not expierencing it (im 20 years old) but my brother started balding at 17 years old and hes now almost 24, pretty bald. I know its genetic, but maybe theres something that helps prevent it a little? Something like biotin?

Also, this might be a stupid question, but does doing exercises like deadlift and squats, which help increase testoserone help you bald?

no ones balding here? :frowning:

I have a friend who started balding in his early 20s, and was told that it is due to his high levels of testosterone. He has been lifting weights since he was 15 but that is not necessarily the reason for his hair loss or high T.

Look up stress-related alopecia and bacopa, which is an herb I believe used to treat this condition.

Keep in mind that, if your brother is balding at the same rate you are, it is most likely genetic and not something you can stop. Slow down, maybe.

Prescription stuff I’d look at Avodart, which I believe is dutasteride - Propecia is finasteride - but is sold as a prostate medication, though for off-label use it is given to slow down hair loss.

The reason for off-label use is that it is not directly marketed as a hair loss drug and therefore not considered a ‘vanity drug,’ making it cheaper through insurance. I think 1 mg per day is the recommended dose.

So, take Avodart along with regular use of Rogaine and see if that helps. I’m no doctor but I did some reading on this stuff around these parts and that is what I gathered.

Good luck. I’m balding, too, at 25.

Vitamins dont really prevent hair loss…assuming you are not deficient and malnourished to begin with. You best bet is blocking the conversion of testosterone to DHT with propecia or avodart. High testosterone alone does not lead to hairloss