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Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements: What You Take and Why?

Alrighty guys and girls let’s here it!

I wanna hear about what you’re taking and why! Besides the general stuff we all know of! Wether it be for training purposes, your general health or something else. Let’s just make it informative!

So I’m going to sound nuts. GNC mega men sport 2x a day, 5000 IU of D per day, 6g of C per day (2g breakfast, lunch, and dinner), 4-6 garlic pills per day, 3 NAC pills per day, 2 NOW mineral caps per day, turmeric twice per day, triple strength fish oil once a day, 200mg CoQ10 twice a day, milk thistle once a day, ZMA before bed, reservatrol once per day, GNC huge B complex once per day, BCAAs popped like Skittles throughout the day, citrulline and arginine also popped like Skittles throughout the day. Everything listed is for my general health.

@plinnyc88 holy smokes man! That’s so much stuff! Would cost a fortune? Why do you take so much? Because of AAS? Or other stuff? Or just because?

You weren’t wrong about sounding nuts. I couldn’t swallow a whole pack twice a day if the GNC strength pack I have right now. Not sure if my bank account would hate me more then my throat but those pills are big, damn.

No TUDCA in there eh?:stuck_out_tongue:

For general health

Multi vit daily
tbsp cod liver oil daily
Glucosamine and chondroitin daily
D3 daily
Magnesium occasionally

Going to start taking boron too.

i keep it simple with multivitamin , fishoil , whey isolate, BCAA and nitric oxide boosters

You can call me paranoid but I have a family history of cancer/heart disease, so I’m trying to be as proactive as I can in doing whatever I can to avoid those things. For what it’s worth it’s extremely rare that I get sick, blood pressure is perfect, blood work is great, etc. so either I’m lucky or this seems to be working.

My wife jokes that I have this insane ability to swallow like 12 pills at once with no issue. Just doesn’t bother me, sip of water and they’re down.

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For me its: 2x 1000mg Omega 6, 3x 1000mg Omega 3, 2x 400iu Vitamin E, 2x 1000mg Vitamin A, 2x 1000mg Vitamin C, 2x MSM 500mg, 2x Multivitamin for men, Creatine 6 tabs = 5mg, Whey isolate, BCAA & EAA.

I’ve suffered with cystic back acne most of my adult life hence vitamin a & e.

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