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Vitamins For Perceived Deficiencies


Right off the bat I'll own up to not having bloodwork done recently, but please bear with me anyway.

Up until recently I hadn't taken a multi-vitamin regularly, but I am now. On the suggestion of psuedo-expert I know I added a B-Complex supplement as well. However, now that I have been peeing green for a few weeks(I know - water soluable vitamins going to waste), I wonder if I really need the additional B-Complex on top of the multi.

Assuming for sake of discussion I was moderately deficient in various B vitamins, and I am taking a multi regularly now, is there any real reason to take the additional B-Complex? If so, how long should I continue with it (i.e. how long does it take you to get back to a "normal" level?)?



Lumo urine is just riboflavin colouring the urine, not indicative of chucking out other water soluble vits like, ascorbic acid, pyridoxine etc.

What dose of vits you getting ?


B-Complex vitamins are water soluble so they are excreted rather quickly. You should be at baseline within a couple days. But... some people have naturally lower/higher levels of B-vits than others due to either competing or synergistic substrates. If a person is deficient in copper taking extra B-vits will only make them more deficient, especially, B1, B6, B12, and folic acid. You'll be more susceptable to reactive hypoglycemia, seasonal allergies, depression, somnolence, and acne among other things.

If you have a weak appetite, dry skin, autoimmune disorders, hypothyroidism, diabetes, or are naturally high strung B-vits may help.

Why are you specifically taking them?


Thanks to both. I don't have them with me, so I'll have to update that info later, but...

I had a few feet of small intestine removed years ago at or around the ileum - where B-12 is absorbed. Bottom line is I have to watch for anemia. That is not to say i can't or don't absorb B-12; rather I just have a harder time than most. I tried sublingual B-12 and it just tore up the bottom of my tongue.

Anyway, If I am feeling tired a lot, I just bump up the Bs and iron. Here is where it gets interesting: My seasonal allergies have been getting at me and I have had a break out of "bacne" - I usually don't break out like this even after a waxing (ouch). So, I think the answer for me might be to stick just with the multi for a while and play it by ear otherwise.

Thanks and I'll get the dosage online within a day or two.



Zinc and ascorbic acid are likely to deplete the body of B-12 and block further absorption. B-12 is sort of related to copper absorption. B-12 will effect iron metabolism and thereby absorption of copper.

Zinc particularly and this is why Zinc is given to those with Wilson's disease where copper is not excreted and the build up becomes toxic.

High pectin intake may also decrease bodily levels of B12.

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Effect of hypothyroidism on methylmalonate excretion and hepatic vitamin B-12 levels in rats.

B-12 deficiency is very likely in persons with hypothyroidism and persons who have been taking copper and iron to recover from hyperthyroidism.


The sublingual types of B-12 apparently do not contribute a significant amount of B-12 to the body.


Sometimes talk like this just makes me think, "Why oh why cant i just inject my vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidents and smart drugs daily?", probably can.... just digestion seems a huge issue... bypassing the whole system seems alot easier.