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Vitamins for acne

When I was in high school I had a problem with acne on my back & shoulders… not as bad as alot of other people, but I was always self conscious about it. It went away for a few years, and now for some reason it seems to be coming back. I was applying 35 sprays of Nandrosol about a month ago, and I had no problem then… but now it’s starting to pop up again. What kinds of vitamins would you guys recommend? I don’t feel like going to a dermatologist unless I really have to… anyone have any ideas? Thanks guys.

It seems like it might be bacteria, so try going to a dermatologist… Vitamine E and Garlic (pills) may help the situation.

When I had acne I went to a cosmetologist who used natural products to kill the bacteria – I haven’t had acne since :slight_smile:

Jimbo: Bill Roberts has recommended products containing Salycyclic Acid in the near past(spelling is prob. wrong). It has been working pretty well for me. You can find products that contain this at any pharmacy store.

a buddy of mine was a model, he learned a secret that i never did try. he said, take a liquid filled Vitamin E capsule, sqweeze the juice out of it and apply it directly to the acne. wouldn’t hurt to try. he said it worked for him.