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Vitamins by Doug Kalman.
Just what I was looking for!
So wheres´s the articel about minerals… in next issue ? plz

Regarding Muscle Masochism!, Part 1 by Dr. Lonnie Lowery.
It made me cry everytime the word Cortisol is mentioned because I have to take 9 mg of that substans, due to medical resons, every day . Bye, bye muscles.
Anyone have some ides to prevent muscleloss while eating cortisol ?

Do you mean cortisol or prednisone?

The active ingridient is Bundesonid 3 mg and I take 3 of them every morning. This will last a while then I shall take 2 for some time then 1.
I guess it will have something to do with the bodys abillity to produce cortisol itself.
The reson I´m eating the stuff is my Morbus Crohn, which didn´t behaved the way I think it should last year.

Hey, Z…it seems like the Docs have you on a BUDESONIDE taper. With Chron’s, they are using it NOT as a replacement thrapy, but to decrease the inflammation in your G.I. tract as a result of the disease. It’s been found that Budesonide has less side effects than Prednisone (a strong anti-inflammatory). (By the way, Budesonide is used most often to control the inflammatory phase of asthma). It is MUCH more important to keep the inflammation in your G.I. tract under control, thus inproving your ability to adequately absorb nutrients. The mal-absorption of nutrients will effect your growth MUCH more than any possible side effects from the Budesonide. (P.S. ALWAYS follow the advice of your physician and NOT some musclehead in CyberSpace. They know your case much better than I do. I mention what I do NOT as a replacement for your doctors advice, but in the hopes of giving you my take on your question). Good luck, and hang in there!

Tnx for the input Mufasa and I will of course take my medicine.
But I´m looking for a way to minimise muscleloss while I do so, you are right about Prednisone by the way. It´s no fun at all to use, in my case my kindnys went very sore when I took 30 mg Prednisone a day + I couldn´t eat or drink some days without a meeting with the big white thing in the bathroom… So Bundesonid is a big step in the right direction but it´s no fun for my poor muscles…

Sorry, Z…that’s the point I was trying to make…you minimize muscle loss by maximizing nutrient absorption, which comes about BEST by effective control of your disease. Another good thing to do is sit down with a nutritionist and see if they can maximize your caloric, vitamin (especailly B-12 and Folate) and protein intake.