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Vitamins and Soy-Oil



Im using a Vitamin -E supplement tablet and have just noticed that it contains Soya Bean Oil in the ingredients.Should I be concerned about the Soy in this product or is it too small to have a effect?




Soy oil is not a significant source of phyto-estrogens, so it isn't a problem.


Great! thanks Sretsam, Just found another Vit I use has Soya-Lecithin is that ok as well?


Check your Grow! label. It also contains soy lecithin. I doubt the Biotest crew would be trying to load us up with estrogen. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the lecithin/fat part of the soybean is fairly innocuous. The protein (and especially the isolated protein) contains the phyto-estrogens. I hustle vitamins for a living and one of the top menopause reliefs is a regular dose of soy isoflavones.

Don't sweat the lecithin, oil, miso, and soy sauce. Avoid the isolated protein like the poison it is.



Thank's guys most informative :slight_smile: