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Vitamins and Calcium Question


I am 13 years old and about to turn 14 on aug 7. I take a multi vitamin, calcium citrate and magnesium oxide.

My question is mainly about the calcium. I drink NO milk at all. I hate it. I usually eat low fat frozen yogurt (which has very little calcium) and drink whey once or twice a day. I will sometimes eat cottage cheese with fruit.

Is it safe to be taking the calcium citrate? Is this the best form of calcium i can get?

My calcium supplement has the following ingredients in 2 tablets:

Vitamin D- 250 I.U.
Vitamin B6- 10 mg
Calcium- 500 mg
Magnesium- 80mg
Zinc- 10mg
Copper- 1 mg
Maganese- 1 mg
Boron- 1 mg

I take 2 pills 2 times a day. Is there anything wrong with this?

When is the best time to take my calcium, multivitamin, and magnesium?

Thanks alot



We're certainly having fun with calcium today.

Dairy products are still the best sources of calcium. You mentioned that you eat cottage cheese. Eat more. How about yogurt? No- or low-fat yogurt should have plenty of calcium. Some cheeses have calcium. Check the labels. I know nothing about low-fat frozen yogurt. Will you eat spinach? Broccoli? These fine vegetables have calcium.

Calcium citrate is not the best calcium supplement. Calcium carbonate (in moderation) is.

I recommend using a regular childrens chewable multivitamin/mineral. I am not recommending this because you are a child. I do this myself. And I am more than twice your age. Break the tablet in half. Take one-half with your breakfast. Take the other half with your dinner. Take one Tums (calcium carbonate) with your other four to six meals.


I've heard and read the exact opposite from a number of reputable sources - I've also heard what you said from some reputable sources. What's your take on why carbonate is better?



I remember from graduate school distinctly, and it may have to do with the quantity of calcium in the supplement; Tums is 40 percent calcium. Plus if you chew the Tums with your meal, it is more likely to be absorbed. But remember, that was over ten years ago. Calcium carbonate can interfere with iron absorption, so if you take all these supplements together, calcium citrate might be a better option.


I will try to eat cottage cheese more often. I am not a big dairy fan truthfully so that is why i am taking the vitamin. I love broccoli and spinach but i can only eat them when my family buys it. Ill have broccoli about once a week.

I have 2-3 calcium carbonate supplements. I have tums(i think), another pill (it has 500 mg cal. carb., 250 mg of mag. and i think about 250 vit. D.) My mom just bought these calcium carbonate chews the are called Viactive. They have 500 mg cal. carb. 100 iu Vit. D. and 40 mcg of vit. k. (it says its for women but isnt calcium carbonate calcium carbonate?) WOuld it be ok to have these with a meal too?

Is it better to eat the calcium as much spread out throughout the day or take about 500 mg like 2x a day?

THanks for everything.



Calcium citrate is a better option than calcium carbonate. Citrate is better absorbed than the carbonate type. Calcium supplementation is best when spread throughout the day b/c the body absorbs only a specific amount at a time. Remember to take after a meal as your stomach acid will help the calcium absorption.

Calcium supplementation is great at your age bro. Your about to (or quite possibly already going through)go through a growth spurt and you will need more calcium than usual. Eat your dairy if you like but if you choose to supplement instead I see no problem. Make sure you hydrate yourself properly and your bones will be strong and dense.


What Donk15 said.



And tums? Ok lets neutralize the somach acid which is necessary for the body to absorb most forms of calcium (citrate being the exception).