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Vitamin World Quality?

What are your opinions on the quality of Vitamin World products? I’ve only been there a few times and the store’s brand is so dirt cheap it makes you wonder about the quality. Yesterday I couldn’t resist since they had an additional 30% of sale. The base price on their “value whey” is $30, at 30% of it works out to $21 for 5 pounds of whey! That’s about the same price as protein factory wpc. Then I got a big bottle of 480 1g flax caps, list price $26 plus 30% off, and a similar deal on fish oil caps. When I see prices like that I want the deal but at the same time the quality issue is always in the back of my mind. So what is your opinion on Vitamin World brand products? Thanks

Protein powder- You get what you pay for.

Fish oil caps- I’ve found some really cheap ones (Sam’s Club, Wal-mart brands) that are very good.

Thanks for the reply, Chris. I also noticed their MRP was about $16 for 20 packets (about 37g of protein per serving with the standard ingredient list of whey, caseinate etc)! Plus 30% off! That one was so ridiculously cheap I stayed away do to quality fears but ended up getting the rest of the stuff I mentioned. So does anyone have first hand experience of Vitamin World products? Thanks

Vitamin world sells a protein by PRecision Engineering. Its a five pound tub for about 50 bucks. That by far is the best stuff I have ever used results, taste, and quality wise. As far their brand? Ive heard that its not bad at all. The ingredients label has micro and cross flow protein, which is quite good stuff.

I thought it tasted like crap but still I used it for about five months. My results have been better since switching to Biotest’s stuff - but that could be explained by having a better all over plan provided by t-mag. All in all, I don’t intend to use it again unless I am severly broke and it is that or nothing.

AP and Grow taste so much better it’s worth the money, plus I trust Biotest because they give so much back to their people. It always amazes me when Chris tells people to get their act together nutritionally before they go broke on supplements - he works for a supp company! Damn, I love you guys. I wish I could work for T-mag.

I would venture to quess that Vitamin World vitamins are as good or better than any other brand. Here’s a little information to keep in mind. A large majority of vitamin, and to a larger degree OTC drug retailers, buy their products from from one or two suppliers. For instance you can buy vitamins from say Walmart, CVS, Eckerd, Vitamin World, Puritans Pride, and Natures Bounty. Thing is, all of those companies are supplied by the same OTC producer. Esentially they all sell the same exact product in a different bottle or carton and for varying prices depending on who is selling it. Same for OTC drugs. You can buy dollar store brand Ibuprofen or any store brand generic product from any store. They are all the same and most likely from the same manufacturer. And yes they are the same strength as Advil or Motrin. By law they have to be so don’t let anyone tell you they are a lesser strength. That’s pure BS. I happen to work for a drug manufacturer, so I am very familiar with the industry tactics.

I bought a box of Vitamin World’s version of Met-Rx for $13 using my card. I wonder if this is too good to be true. Normally, something like this would run me $30, using the Met-Rx brand.

Tim Patterson and I were discussing these ultra-cheap protein powders once and he told me something interesting. He said that even as a supplement manufacturer buying in huge quantities, he couldn’t purchase protein that cheaply. That means one of two things: 1) either the makers of these cheap protein powders and MRPs are doing society a favor out of the goodness of their hearts and selling products while losing profit or 2) there’s some mischievous labeling going on.

Long story short, there’s no way these cheap powders can be of good quality unless the makers are selling it at a loss. (And although I can’t disclose details for legal reasons, we’ve found out that many well known MRP makers are not using as much of the expensive proteins as their labels claim. Instead, they may be using cheaper proteins as filler.)

Now someone ask me again why Advanced Protein costs more than many other protein powders. Hint: high quality, no bullshit labeling, the best ingredients. (And of course it actually tastes good, which is why most people prefer it over Designer and other brands.)

Chris, how bout the other stuff on their site? Just about everything on there is ultra cheap. I was considering getting some fish oil from there, but if what you say is true about the protein power, then chances are the fish oil may suck, too.

Not sure about the quality of their fish oils. But you can get some cheap fish caps at Sam’s Club and the quality seems very good. I think John Berardi has mentioned this before too.

They may use “cheap” whey protein concentrate, but it’s almost certainly going to meet label claims. The store-branded names invariably do (see consumerlabs.com, which performs independent tests of vitamins and supplements).

You’d have to be crazy to buy whey protein, however.