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Vitamin Recommendations for Guys Over 40?

Would like to get some opnions on the general basic vitamins us older guys (40)should take everyday and the best dosage qty.Should we take extra,besides what comes in the multi.
Fish oil
Vit d
B complex

Not to quibble, but fish oil is not a vitamin.

As for the others, not much point in going beyond what comes in a good MVI. The water-soluble vitamins will be cleared by the kidneys and excreted (producing, in effect, really expensive urine) whereas the fat-soluble versions can be toxic if taken in too high a dose. Further, supranormal levels of several have been linked to an increased risk of cancer. For example:

And in smokers:

Edit: Adult men do not need supplemental iron (unless specifically directed by their physician), so make sure your MVI does not contain iron.

This is two multis i have took in the past.Just wanted to make sure if i need anything extra.

My biggest issues are fatigue,just not enough energy at any time if the day,i get up at 4,workout at 5 and go to work at 630,bed time is around 930 and i dont sleep very good.I have switched to m,w,f,sat.
I was working out 5 days and im truing to get a little extra rest.
Eather one of these look better than the other?