Vitamin Query - Isotonix

My girlfriend’s friend is now selling liquid vitamins, made by a company called Isotonix.

Does anyone have anything, positive or negative, to say about experience with the company’s products, or about the general reputation of the company? Some of the main products are OPC-3 (oligomeric proanthocyanidins from grape seeds, pine bark, red wine and citrus), Digestive enzymes with probiotics (they claim these do not break down in the acidic environment of the stomach) and vitamin and mineral products.

Also, generally, is there an advantage to getting all the vitamins at once from a liquid, as compared to a more timed-release from a standard GNC caplet?

Thanks much.

To expand on the second question, I want to add that the standard spiel for non-pill-form vitamins is that Centrum pills do not seem to digest. This company has a pamphlet that says as much. However, when I take my GNC or Trader Joe’s formula (no iron!), I can tell that at least some sort of breakdown is going on, just because my pee changes color.

I’m very willing to accept that Centrums do not break down, but what is the advantage of non-pill-form vitamins over other pills that do break down? I know that for lots of pharmaceuticals, a timed, sustained release is considered a good thing, as it keeps a smaller level of the desired substance in active form in your bloodstream. Would this hold for vitamins, or is it better to get a quick hit?

Maybe if Doug Kalman reads this he could explain it to me?

Thanks very much.