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Vitamin pill crushing.

I was thinking about going down to the local drug store and getting a pill crusher.

Crushing Vitamins that have that hard shiny coating around them into a fine powder for better absorption. It would taste like hell, but if absorption was improved, it wouldn’t be a bad idea.


You can buy vitamins already in powder form. I did this at one point and mixed them in with my shakes. The brand I used was called “All One”.

uhhh…yeah, ok.


I only purchase vitamins that are in a capsule. That way I know that there are usually no fillers involved.

I have also read studies that show better absorption from vitamins in a capsule.

You may want to check out this type of vitamin.

Yea ok what?

quit being a wus and chew them, Thats what I do. It does taste like ass though. But the vitamin c will put a gleam on your teeth

why not take the vitamins with vinegar? I do this each time, to me it makes sense that the vinegar would help dissolve the vitamins better. any comments onthis approach?

How about eating clean?


Crushing Vitamins would be a waste of your time. Most of what is contained in vitamins are fillers. There in fact are just trace amounts of vitamins in these pills, because thats all you really need to achieve your daily needs. There is such a thing as vitamin toxicity - from taking too much, you know. Besides this if you eat enough variety of foods from the four food groups, there is no need for a vitamin supplement.

" Besides this if you eat enough variety of foods from the four food groups, there is no need for a vitamin supplement."

Of course there is no NEED for a vitamin, and there is no NEED to eat a very healthy diet. There isn’t a NEED for a whole lot, but that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Especially since there are less vitamins and minerals in our foods today.

What about liquid vitamins. Taste is good and easy to take beats chewing and crushing.

Morg, your info isn’t completely right. Many foods are actually fortified with vitamins. Just look at the back of most cereal boxes, or another example is the vitamin D which is added to milk. Besides these by eating a well balance diet which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and even some cooked vegetables like tomatoes or tomato based pasta sauce, are great sources of vitamins and antioxidants.

If your diet is high in processed foods, starches, and fats, or low in the healthy foods I mentioned, then vitamin supplementation is a good idea.
But sadly the Vitamin companies do not tell you this because they are too busy raking in your money.


I thought we were discussing REAL food. Yes, processed junk is fortified with cheap junky vitamins. But what is the actual value of this? I don’t see why people would eat those kinds of foods anyway.

I was thinking the other night why vitamens aren’t in powder form. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to produce? Or at least chewable. :wink:

Flintstone vitamins?

What about the vitamin gumballs?

This is sick. I wonder if they recycle those pills? :wink:


I’m going to post this in this thread in hopes of getting a response:

The standard spiel for non-pill-form vitamins is that Centrum pills do not seem to digest. However, when I take my GNC or Trader Joe’s formula (no iron!), I can tell that at least some sort of breakdown is going on, just because my pee changes color.

I’m very willing to accept that Centrums do not break down, but what is the advantage of non-pill-form vitamins over other pills that do break down? I know that for lots of pharmaceuticals, a timed, sustained release is considered a good thing, as it keeps a smaller level of the desired substance in active form in your bloodstream. Would this hold for vitamins, or is it better to get a quick hit?


I guess it depends on the use of the vitamin.

I like to take vitamins at training time, so one that breaks down fast is needed.

But otherwise, it would make sense for more of a time-release vitamin. Possibly it could reduce any wastage.