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Vitamin/Mineral Timing Article?

I remember waaaaay back before the forums that there was an article about timing your minerals and vitamins.

That was when I learned that certain things compete for absorption etc.

It was an author that may not have written another article except that one.

Does anyone know what that article was?

The one from Victor Conte?? Can’t remember the name, but that might be enough for ya.

That’s funny, I was going to look into him. I was thinking about the ZMA and it got me thinking.


the most annoying competition is between calcium and zinc, makes it annoying when you eat 4 meals a day (including PWO) and require lots of dairy for your calories

A fellow who I used to correspond with in the past had a quote on Conte’s goings-on about this which I thought amusing, on the absurdity of the idea that man needs to take in these nutrients at different times – it’s between two cavemen:

“Zog, don’t you know you can’t eat those roots and that deer penis at the same time? The calcium in the roots will fuck up the absorption of the zinc from the deer penis!”

Simply because absorption is greater when the nutrients are separated doesn’t mean you need to do it. We are evolved to consume them at the same time and it DOES work.

so…deer penis…ok?