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Vitamin Mineral and Herb Timing


what is the best time of day to take these. I take all individually and do not take a multi. what is the recomended timing and doseing of these. are any that should not be taken together?
any doesing amounts i need to change? anything else i need?

This is what i take.
b complex 100 mg
d3 5000mg
c 500 mg
NAC 600 mg
astragalus 600 mg
Milk Thistle 300 mg
Cog10 100 mg

for prostate health:
lycopene 10 mg
Pomegranate extract 250 mg
Green tea extract 750 mg


I avoid taking antioxidants like Vitamin C before training, I wait a few hours and have them with a meal. They may prevent your body from adapting to the oxidative stress of training.

Green tea extract works best fasted with caffeine prior to morning cardio. The polyphenols are deactivated by proteins, which is why I would use it before eating.