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Vitamin K

Over a long period of time now I have noticed that I am not getting enough vitamin K; through fitday. Also, I can’t find any multivitamins in stores that contain this vitamin and not very many foods on fitday do either. netfit says that “cows milk, fish oils and egg yolks contain vitamin K.” However on fitday all these contain negligable amounts. The only food that seems to have a high K level is broccoli. Can fitday be trusted? Or is the other site wrong? Anyone else noticed this?

Thanks a lot

BTW im easily meeting all the other nutrient requirements on fitday, well over 300% in most cases.

Thanks a lot.

They are correct on some of them. Your body can actually produce it on its own. All leafy greean veggies contain it anyways. I wouldn’t worry about it so much.

I knew your body could produce some, but to my knowledge only very small amounts of it.

It is fat soluble, so IMO when you take it in through food or through a supp., it should be stored in the body for several days.